The short answer

Hi! My name is David Neal. I am a family man, geek, musician, illustrator, speaker, software developer, and Microsoft MVP living in North GA. I spent several years building high-performance, scalable social media applications, worked as a senior developer and developer advocate at LeanKit, worked at Joyent helping to build the next-generation cloud platform, and I am currently a Senior Developer Advocate at Okta. I run on a high-octane mixture of caffeine and JavaScript, and I’m entirely made of bacon.

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The long answer

I punch bears* and help folks be more awesome.

I teach, motivate, entertain, and lead people to work smarter, build fantastic solutions, and become indispensable members of their teams and communities.

I have more than 20 years of developer and IT experience. Most of that experience has been in startups and smaller companies where I've "worn many different hats," from engineer to Chief Geek.

I've been very active in the developer community since 2010, speaking and volunteering my time at numerous meet-ups, conferences, and events.

As a Developer Advocate for LeanKit for three years, I discovered I love helping other developers solve problems. I built and contributed to API clients in multiple languages, built custom integrations and automated tools, pushed for improvements on customers’ behalf, partnered with integration service providers and professional services, and evangelized the platform internally and externally. It was, by far, the best and most energizing years of my career, so far.

My desire is to work with organizations that are not simply interested in my technical skills and passion for building delightful products and services. I want to partner with organizations that care about making an impact on the community, and are excited about me being their ambassador.

My former CIO at LeanKit, Stephen Franklin, wrote the following endorsement.

David is a true gem of the technology industry. I am inspired by his commitment to getting out on the speaking trail and spreading his wisdom and knowledge. And I know that he has inspired many, many others in the industry as well.

David is so talented in so many ways. As a technologist, he cranks the dial to 11. He can do it all: any layer of the stack, any development technology, any platform. And if he currently can't do it, give him a few hours and he'll be fully up to speed. He is a great team member, mentor and developer. It's just amazing what he makes 1s and 0s do.

Not only that, he is an amazing speaker and communicator. His ability to empathize and connect with the audience is astonishing and why he is always one of the most popular speakers wherever he goes.

Did I mention that he is an amazing artist and is changing the way people are building their presentations?

Oh yeah, an incredible musician too. And the list goes on.

But what I'll cherish most of all is getting to know David personally. He is kind, caring, humble, funny, empathetic and whole-heartily committed to his faith, family, friends and his craft. He is one of those people that makes you a better person just knowing him.

Thank you David for letting me be a small part of your life.

*Metaphorically speaking. I enjoy being courageous, tackling hard problems, being entrepreneurial, and fighting for truth, justice, and the Developer Way