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Upcoming Speaking Engagements

Current speaking topics: leadership, JavaScript, OAuth/OpenID Connect, public speaking, Node.js, Electron.js, sketch notes, improving workflow, and Kanban. Here is a list of abstracts. You can review my slide decks at SpeakerDeck.

Past Speaking Engagements

*Indicates keynote

10.19.2020All Things Open 2020Online
10.02.2020Tracy Developer MeetupOnline
09.30.2020iR SessionOnline
09.03.2020NDC TechTownOnline
08.20.2020Code PaLOUsa*Louisville, KY (Online)
08.19.2020Agile SoCalIrvine, CA (Online)
08.14.2020JavaScript and Friends*Columbus, OH (Online)
08.11.2020ChaDNUGChattanooga, TN (Online)
08.05.2020Cincinnati Software CraftsmanshipCincinatti, OH (Online)
06.12.2020Microsoft MVP Skills CallOnline
06.05.2020Microsoft MVP Skills CallOnline
05.28.2020DevSumStockholm, Sweden (Online)
05.12.2020Dev Around the SunOnline
05.11.2020SE Michigan JSAnn Arbor, MI (Online)
04.21.2020NDC PortoPorto, Portugal (Online)
02.19.2020DevNexusAtlanta, GA
01.29.2020KnoxDevsKnoxville, TN
12.06.2019DevTernityRiga, Latvia
11.12.2019jsMobileConf*Boston, MA
10.04.2019Caribbean Developers ConferencePunta Cana, Dominican Republic
09.16.2019Oracle Code OneSan Francisco, CA
09.11.2019Private Corporate Event*Atlanta, GA
09.05.2019Music City TechNashville, TN
08.05.2019THAT Conference*Wisconsin Dells, WI
08.03.2019PubConf PerthPerth, Australia
08.03.2019DDD Perth*Perth, Australia
08.01.2019Fenders PerthPerth, Australia
07.23.2019Enterprise Developers GuildCharlotte, NC
07.18.2019KCDC 2019Kansas City, MO
07.15.2019Knoxville JSKnoxville, TN
06.19.2019NDC Oslo*Oslo, Norway
05.23.2019DevSumStockholm, Sweden
05.20.2019TechoramaAntwerp, Belgium
05.13.2019DotNetSouth*Atlanta, GA
05.09.2019Craft ConferenceBudapest, Hungary
04.29.2019deliver:Agile 2019Nashville, TN
04.18.2019Open Source 101Columbia, SC
04.12.2019CodeStockKnoxville, TN
03.13.2019ConFoo Montreal 2019*Montreal, Canada
03.06.2019DevNexus 2019*Atlanta, GA
02.26.2019NDC Porto 2019Porto, Portugal
01.28.2019NDC London 2019London, UK
01.08.2019CodeMash 2019Sandusky, OH
11.13.2018DevReach*Sofia, Bulgaria
10.21.2018All Things OpenRaleigh, NC
10.04.2018Little Rock Tech FestLittle Rock, AR
09.17.2018NDC SydneySydney, Australia
08.17.2018Scenic City SummitChattanooga, TN
08.06.2018THAT Conference*Wisconsin Dells, WI
07.12.2018KCDC 2018Kansas City, MO
06.12.2018FluentSan Jose, CA
05.31.2018Music City TechNashville, TN
05.22.2018Agile Knoxville MeetupKnoxville, TN
05.17.2018Revolution ConfVirginia Beach, VA
05.07.2018NDC MinnesotaSt Paul, MN
05.04.2018Stir TrekColumbus, OH
04.20.2018CodeStock 2018*Knoxville, TN
04.16.2018Indy.Code() 2018Indianapolis, IN
03.21.2018JazzCon.Tech 2018*New Orleans, LA
02.06.2018DNN Summit 2018Denver, CO
01.09.2018CodeMashSandusky, OH
11.28.2017NodevemberNashville, TN
10.13.2017DevSpaceHuntsville, AL
09.20.2017Connect.TechAtlanta, GA
08.04.2017PubConf KCDCKansas City, MO
08.02.2017KCDC 2017Kansas City, MO
07.28.2017Scenic City Summit*Chattanooga, TN
06.02.2017Music City Code 2017Nashville, TN
05.05.2017CodeStock 2017Knoxville, TN
11.20.2016NodevemberNashville, TN
10.20.2016Dev UpSt. Charles, MO
10.14.2016DevSpaceHuntsville, AL
10.11.2016CHADNUGChattanooga, TN
08.18.2016Music City Code*Nashville, TN
08.17.2016Music City AgileNashville, TN
08.12.2016Code on the BeachAtlantic Beach, FL
08.08.2016That ConferenceWisconsin Dells, WI
08.04.2016Sydney Node NinjasSydney, Australia
08.03.2016NDC SydneySydney, Australia
07.15.2016CodeStock 2016Knoxville, TN
06.08.2016NDC OsloOslo, Norway
05.13.2016RevolutionConfVirginia Beach, VA
04.15.2016JSConf UYMontevideo, Uruguay
03.28.2016Code PaLOUsaLouisville, KY
01.13.2016NDC LondonLondon, UK
01.05.2016CodeMashSandusky, OH
11.14.2015NodevemberNashville, TN
11.11.2015Triangle .NET User GroupDurham, NC
10.24.2015Atlanta Code CampAtlanta, GA
10.19.2015Knoxville JSKnoxville, TN
10.09.2015DevSpaceHuntsville, AL
08.29.2015Music City CodeNashville, TN
08.10.2015That ConferenceWisconsin Dells, WI
08.07.2015Code on the BeachAtlantic Beach, FL
08.03.2015Agile 2015Washington, DC
07.10.2015CodeStock 2015Knoxville, TN
06.06.2015Spark ConferenceCharlotte, NC
05.14.20152015 Microsoft MVP Virtual ConferenceThe Internets
04.27.2015Code PaLOUsaLouisville, KY
03.28.2015Orlando Code CampOrlando, FL
01.08.2015CodeMashSandusky, OH
11.13.2014Nashville .NET User GroupNashville, TN
10.11.2014Atlanta Code CampAtlanta, GA
09.24.2014Clarksville Software Users GroupClarksville, TN
08.27.2014devLinkChattanooga, TN
08.13.2014Triangle .NET User GroupDurham, NC
08.08.2014Code on the BeachAtlantic Beach, FL
07.11.2014CodeStockKnoxville, TN
06.26.2014Central Ohio .NET Developers GroupColumbus, OH
06.25.2014Dayton .NET Developer GroupDayton, OH
06.24.2014Cincinnati .NET User GroupCincinnati, OH
06.04.2014NDC OsloOslo, Norway
05.15.2014North Houston .NET Users GroupThe Woodlands, TX
04.17.2014Western North Carolina .NET Developers GuildAsheville, NC
04.15.2014NoogaJSChattanooga, TN
04.03.2014Roanoke Valley .NET User GroupRoanoke, VA
03.20.2014Louisville .NET User GroupLouisville, KY
03.13.2014Nashville .NET User GroupNashville, TN
03.12.2014NashJSNashville, TN
02.24.2014Atlanta .NET User GroupAlpharetta, GA
02.19.2014A Bunch of DevsNorcross, GA
08.28.2013devLinkChattanooga, TN
08.16.2013Code on the BeachAtlantic Beach, FL
07.12.2013CodeStockKnoxville, TN
04.25.2013Code paLOUsaLouisville, KY
04.09.2013Chattanooga .NET User GroupChattanooga, TN
09.25.2012East TN .NET User GroupKnoxville, TN
08.29.2012devLinkChattanooga, TN
06.21.2012Nashville .NET User GroupNashville, TN
06.14.2012Nashville .NET User GroupNashville, TN
03.15.2012Code paLOUsaLouisville, KY
01.11.2012CodeMashSandusky, OH
09.08.2011Nashville .NET User GroupNashville, TN
(*Indicates keynote)