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Community Spotlight: Brendan Forster

November 1, 2017
Community Spotlight: Brendan Forster

It is my pleasure to present this community tribute to Brendan Forster, written by guest author Mord Zuber.

I first met Brendan when I was looking for an open source project I could contribute to. At that point in the time, the only language I felt comfortable enough to contribute with was C#. I came across, and started working on one of the open issues.

Brendan's happiness to help, and the length he will go to help a new contributor's pull request get merged, have served as a definitive guide on how to be an OSS maintainer.

-- Mord

I have immensely enjoyed Brendan's talks and the interactions I've had with him at conferences. Thank you, Brendan, for making an impact on the community!

Connect with Brendan Forster: Twitter | Website | LinkedIn

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