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Community Spotlight: Carl Franklin

May 22, 2017
Community Spotlight: Carl Franklin

This guy. THIS guy. Carl has been one of my heroes since way back in the day of "Carl & Gary's Visual Basic Home Page." This long-gone-but-not-forgotten website was one of my go-to sources for helping me master Visual Basic.

Of course, there's the long-running and much-downloaded .NET Rocks! podcast. Who can know how many developers' careers and subsequent lives and families have benefited from the Carl's podcast and other shows?

I am especially impressed with Carl's musical talents. His solo album and Franklin Brothers Band albums are fantastic. However, it's the Music to Code By series of albums that are in regular rotation in my headphones, helping me to "get in the zone" and get my work done.

Most recently, Carl has been on a weight loss journey with the ketogenic diet. Maintaining a healthy weight is also something I've struggled with most of my life. Now I have yet another reason to thank Carl for all that he shares with the community.

Carl, thank you so much for continuing to inspire developers like me all over the world. Your contributions to the community are beyond measure and invaluable. Not only that, but you are awesome guy "in real life," too!