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Community Spotlight: Cory House

April 12, 2017
Community Spotlight: Cory House

Perhaps you've seen one of Cory's Pluralsight courses. Or, sat in one of his talks. Perhaps you've run across his react-slingshot React + Redux starter kit.

You might be thinking, "This guy seems really nice. I wonder if he's this nice in 'real life'?"

I've had the pleasure of crossing paths with Cory at conferences for many years. I can tell you. He's the real deal.

Every conversation I've had with Cory, I've come away inspired. He's not only courteous and respectful, I sincerely believe he listens and values everyone's opinions.

Cory, thank you for not only doing awesome work, but lifting the developer community in so many ways.

Connect with Cory House:
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By the way, I searched for you on Google today. Your dream has come true.

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