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Community Spotlight: Jim Holmes

April 17, 2017
Community Spotlight: Jim Holmes

It's my privilege to know Jim Holmes. He's one of my heroes. I owe Jim many, many thanks for the positive impact he's made on my career and personal life.

I first met Jim when we worked at Telligent, around 2008. He took on the monumental task of software quality and testing. Not only did he make a huge difference to the product, he left a significant mark on everyone in the company with his infectious passion, dedication, and snarky get-off-my-lawn-no-bull attitude.


Maybe you've heard about this little conference named CodeMash? Held at an indoor water park in the winter? Tickets sell out in minutes?

The genius behind it: Jim Holmes.

Jim handed over the reigns some time ago, but his legacy is cemented in creating one of the best software developer conferences. Ever. Countless developers and their families have benefited.

A True MVP

Jim fights tirelessly for just and noble causes:

  • Bacon
  • Software Quality & Automated Testing
  • Project Management
  • Opposing the use of the phrase "best practices"
  • Abolishing SharePoint
  • Tabs vs. Spaces

Until next time...

Jim, I don't know when our paths will cross again, but I'm looking forward to it including bacon, guitars, and lots of laughs.

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