Community Spotlight: Kevin Griffin

May 29, 2017
Community Spotlight: Kevin Griffin

I first met Kevin when he was heading up INETA, the now defunct International .NET Association. INETA was instrumental in helping me on both sides of the community table. As a speaker, INETA helped me speak at a lot of user groups within driving distance. It wasn't a lot of money, but it certainly helped pay for gas and maybe a meal. As a user group organizer, INETA helped me to find and bring in good speakers to the group.

Over the years, I would cross paths with Kevin at different conferences and events. Always smiling. Always encouraging. Each time I walked away from our conversations the better for it.

I had the great privilege of speaking at RevolutionConf 2016, a new conference that Kevin helped start in Virginia Beach, VA. I was so impressed with this first-year conference. I shouldn't be too surprised, though, as Kevin is a pro community organizer, and has put together an excellent team.

Kevin, thank you for all the awesome work you've done and continue to do in the developer community!

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