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Hey, Okta! Where's the Bacon?

September 6, 2018
Hey, Okta! Where's the Bacon?

I am so excited to announce I have joined Okta's developer relations team as a Senior Developer Advocate! My focus is on all the JavaScripts: Node.js, Vue, React, and a bazillion other things!

Why Okta?

Have you ever secured an application? It's not a trivial task! Even more, it's a critical component of every application you can't afford to get wrong!

Okta is a trusted leader in single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, and user management. Okta's developer products provide a painless solution for implementing a great security experience for customers. Their products also provide the peace of mind your applications remain secure as new threats emerge.

ReverentGeek plus Okta

However, my decision to join Okta is not only about believing in their products. My team is a fantastic group of folks who are genuinely passionate about the developer community. I am so excited to be serving the developer community with them!

First week == mind blown

Okta has an amazing process to ensure that every new hire is successful in starting their adventure as an Okta employee. Day one is full of training and orientation, and designed not only to inform and equip new employees, but to get them excited about the products and culture.

Okta swag

Okta SWAG!

Okta is a company that participates in the Pledge 1% to support nonprofits, called Okta for Good. On Day 2, new hires volunteered at Family House, Inc., a home for families of a child undergoing cancer treatment. I did a lot of vacuuming! Others helped serve breakfast or with fun arts & crafts projects. It was a fantastic, eye-opening experience.

Family House Okta volunteers

Family House signed heart in lobby

Messages left by families blessed by Family House

How can I help you be more awesome?

Over the last five years, I have resolved to make it my mission to give back to the developer community. I want to encourage folks to see the world through a bigger lens. All of us have incredible potential to impact our workplace, family, community, and the entire world, using the technology within our grasp.

You don't need permission to be awesome!

If there's anything I can do for you, please let me know! Contact me on Twitter at @reverentgeek. You can also follow my silly drawings on Instagram, check out my GitHub, see my slides on SpeakerDeck, and connect with me LinkedIn!