How I Consume Twitter

July 20, 2017
How I Consume Twitter

I keep the people I follow to around 256. That's a good, nerdy number for me. And, it's still manageable to keep up with all the tweets in this group, most of the time.

I use Twitter lists to categorize other accounts I want to follow.

I use Tweetbot for macOS with columns for my main timeline and the lists that I watch. I believe you can configure Tweetdeck to do something similar.

How I configure my columns in Tweetbot:

  • The ~256 accounts I follow
  • A short, private list of folks who I absolutely don't want to miss any of their tweets. There is some overlap with the accounts I follow.
  • A list of the people I work with.
  • A Tech Community list of people of influence in software/tech industry.
  • A Tech Events list of conferences and events. This helps me watch for announcements, such as a "Call for Papers" (CFP).

Tweetbot screenshot

If I get too far behind, it's okay to declare "Twitter bankruptcy" on any of these columns except my private list.

I like that Tweetbot for macOS and Tweetbot for iOS stay in sync.

Direct messages are enabled for everyone, so anyone I'm not following can still message me.

I have notifications for "likes" and "retweets" turned off. Occasionally I'll visit or the same view in the Twitter iOS app to see an aggregate view of likes and retweets.

Do you have any tips or strategies you'd like to share on managing Twitter content?