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Joining LeanKit

March 2, 2013

I am excited to announce that I'm joining LeanKit as Senior Software Developer and Technical Evangelist. Chris Hefley, co-founder and CEO, is a long-time friend I have had the pleasure of working with a couple of times in my career, which makes this move extra-special. Chris started LeanKit in 2009 with co-founders Stephen Franklin, Daniel Norton, and Jon Terry. Today LeanKit is a rapidly growing startup, and poised to be the premier online tool for Kanban.

What is Kanban? The short answer is it's a way to visualize work and the flow of work from start to finish. This is typically done using sticky notes or index cards representing the work to be done, placed on a board that has columns for each stage that work has to go through, such as "to-do," "doing," and "done." Although there is much more to Kanban, simply visualizing work and the progression of work through stages can bring incredible insight to teams and stake-holders.

Since part of my role at LeanKit will be technical evangelist, I'm looking forward to it being my job to get more involved in the developer community, both online and at various events. If you have any questions about LeanKit, Kanban, or developing custom LeanKit solutions for your organization, please feel free to contact me here, Twitter, or on LinkedIn.