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Not All Heroes Wear Capes

March 6, 2018
Not All Heroes Wear Capes

On the morning of November 25, 1982, we all piled in our car and made the 2-hour trip to my Aunt and Uncle's house near Atlanta, GA. It's Thanksgiving. As was tradition on my mother's side of the family, we joined hands, gave thanks for our blessings, and enjoyed a meal together.

This particularly momentous Thanksgiving Day, I discovered the TRS-80.


I don't remember if I spent the entire day at that keyboard. What I do know is, I must have made an impression on my Uncle.

An amazing act of kindness

Some time after that Thanksgiving, we made another trip to my Aunt and Uncle's house. Waiting for me there was a big cardboard box. Inside was the TRS-80, a cassette drive, a floppy drive, a dot matrix printer, cables, and a book titled, "Getting Started With Color BASIC."

Getting Started with Color BASIC

This one very kind and generous act launched me on a journey of computers and programming. I am forever grateful, and in their debt, for helping me to discover something that has not only been my career, but a source of learning, passion, and delight.

You can make an impact!

You have an amazing opportunity to impact your own family and community in powerful, and far-reaching ways! Even one simple act of kindness, encouragement, or investment of your time could be the catalyst that launches a young person's life-long journey of exploration and livelihood.

Here are just a few ways you can invest in someone:

Thank you

My aunt and uncle

I can't thank my Aunt and Uncle enough for the impact they have made in my life. I continue to be inspired by their example of investing not only in their family, but the lives of countless others.

Thank you, to all of you who are making an impact, and all of you who will make an impact, in your families and communities.

Go, and be awesome!