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Public Speaking without Barfing on Your Shoes

November 29, 2016
Public Speaking without Barfing on Your Shoes

Nodevember 2016 was an amazing conference that included some of my favorite talks of the year. And, as is usually the case, a lot of the value of the conference came from the folks I met and the incredible conversations we had.

This year I had the privilege of speaking at Nodevember on the topic of, well... public speaking. I've been doing this a while, and feel like I've learned a few insights.

Nodevember's sessions are 30 minutes. I've given this talk a couple of times, but previously had an hour. I seriously struggled with eliminating content from my talk that I felt was important. Cutting it down to 30 minutes forced me to focus and refine my message. I'm happy with how it turned out.