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Sketchnote Challenge

August 31, 2019
Sketchnote Challenge

Sketchnotes are amazing. Check out just a few of the many benefits.

  • Helps you stay more engaged.
  • Connects both sides of your brain for supercharged learning.
  • Helps you to communicate more clearly.

When you look at your notes weeks, months, or years later, you'll be shocked how much detail you can remember!

Want to learn to draw sketchnotes? You can! Using simple shapes such as lines, arrows, circles, triangles, and rectangles, you can doodle all sorts of things!

There are some great books out there. I posted a "sketch note challenge" on Twitter, and lots of folks followed along. You can follow along with these images I posted, and use them to practice. You'll be doodling all over your notes before you know it!

Day 1: Ideas!
Day 2: Problem and Warning Icons
Day 3: Boxes and Frames
Day 4: Questions
Day 5: Numbers
Day 6: Lists and Bullet Points
Day 7: Thought and Speech Bubbles
Day 8: Arrows
Day 9: Lettering
Day 10: Icons
Day 11: Stick Figures
Day 12: Faces
Day 13: Draw a Process
Day 14: Put it all together and sketch something!

Here's a link to a recording of Eva-Lotta's 5 Steps to Change Your Note Taking talk.

Have fun sketching and learning!